Floating Docks – Cottage & Residential

At Superior Dock and Marine we have designed, constructed and installed hundreds of private docking systems. We listen to the client as they share their waterfront vision and we go away – take your vision and budget – provide some shop artistry and engineering – and make your dream a reality. Whether you are on a quiet sheltered bay – or exposed to rough water and high waves we have the system and design that will work.

The Mariner Dock system is a heavy duty yet economical dock system ideal for any cottage or marina. The frame and decking is built with the new brown colored pressure treatment, that stays its color for years with minimal fading. All joists and corners are reinforced with galvanized steel plates. The Mariner dock can be custom built for any layout to fit your unique waterfront.  The buoyancy float billets are thick rotationally molded and foam filled – available in 30 different sizes and the size and height is carefully selected to ensure each dock has the required buoyancy and freeboard. In most locations the mariner Dock can be left in the ice over the winter without any damage.